In order to reach the heights required to be an Epona Stakes winner, a horse must be peaking in fitness on the day, and needs to have had a prime lead up in terms of distance. As a 1900m, horses that have performed well at distances between 1600m and 2200m prior to the race will be perfectly positioned to find themselves in the top three Epona Stakes results.

Notable Epona Stakes winners include Burning Embers (1998), Airlie Bird (2003), Messenger (2010) and Intimate Moment (2014). Epona Stakes results since 2000 are provided below.

Epona Stakes Results

Year Winner Runner-Up Third Time
2017 Consommateur Ambience Top Of My List 2:06.4
2016 Vergara Heavens Above Sweet Fire 1:56.8
2015 Scratchy Bottom Rising Romance Telepathic 1:57.3
2014 Intimate Moment Any Day Will Do Epingle 2:00.1
2013 Aliyana Tilde Epingle Dolly Dolly 1:55.8
2012 Fibrillation Crafty Irna Once Were Wild 1:57.6
2011 Galizani Vivid Vixen Vintedge 1:57.0
2010 Messenger Pagan Princess Jessicabeel 1:59.8
2009 Divine Rebel Prima Nova Risayla 1:58.5
2008 Ready To Lift My Lady’s Chamber Reggie 1:57.7
2007 Safwa Grey Stream Upper Echelon 1:55.6
2006 Kosi Bay Fantasia Sun Song 1:57.8
2005 Natural Woman Cincinnati Gal Clevedon 1:55.1
2004 Great Anna Vereza Thundarosa 1:56.6
2003 Airlie Bird Talista Belle Honor Babe 1:55.8
2002 Itze Floridays Call Me Lily 1:58.4
2001 Market Price Poppett The Druidess 1:57.9
2000 Our Erin Eye Spy Dalquarren 2:00.2